You will complete a written, critical reflection essay about communication, taken from a..

You will complete a written, critical reflection essay about communication, taken from a ‘communication event‘, in which you have been involved, and that could come from one of the following choices:

within one of the Assignment 2 presentations from other students, or
within an organisational context [at work or at university], or
within an ‘institutional’ context [for example, a family, a relationship, a group of friends].

Your choice of topic or context must relate to ideas and concepts found in all or some parts of the Matryoushka or Russian Doll Analogy related to adult communication management competence, and as presented by Kaye [2014; various dates] in his text. Use the following statements to guide your reflection:

Briefly describe your communication event. In your Introduction there should be a clear statement about your topic [for example, topic: communicating within families]; a clear explanation of your focus[for example, looking specifically at the way families set out rules for social interaction with others]; and a clear idea of the scope of the work [for example, looking particularly at the case for establishing boundaries about going out at night]. Choose and discuss how this event relates to relevant layers of the Russian Doll Analogy

Analyse and critique how this event relates to a minimum of one other concept from this subject (you can include more if appropriate, for example, ethos of scholarship; values; locus of control; types of communication; learning styles) Discuss extra-dimensional communication within this event (for example, presence/absence/how it could be attained or improved for future communication – this is the critical element) Evaluate what you have learnt as a result of reflecting on this communication event (more of the critical element).

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